Fine Art Prints: Panelak Planet

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Size, Price

20×30 cm frame, (image size 16x24cm)         Limited Edition of 100                      2000 CZK      80 Euro     100 USD

40×60 cm frame,(image size 36x54cm)          Limited Edition 50                             4000 CZK     160 Euro    200 USD

60×90 cm frame, (images size 50x75cm)       Limited Edition of 20                         6000 CZK     240 Euro   300 USD


Limited Editions signed and numbered by the photographer. Certificate of Authenticity provided.

note: the image size is smaller than the frame the canvas is stretched over. This means the image has a white border to the edges of the canvas.


Please see ordering instructions under PRINTS

Contact:        +420-774-082-188


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