Bhutan is a truly magical place.  It is changing but it still maintains a sense of timelessness.  The countryside is magnificent and the people are genuine and warm. Go now!

Flag of Bhutan:

“The yellow portion lies on the upper part of the diagonal division and it represents the yellow scarf worn by His Majesty, which in turn represents the being of His Majesty, the King. The orange portion lies on the lower part of the flag and it represents the orange scarf worn by the Je Khenpo, the religious head of the country.

The National Flag has a white dragon which spreads equally along the diagonal division towards the upper end. The dragon holds norbu(jewel) by its claws.”

National Emblem:

“The national emblem, contained in a circle, is composed of a double diamond thunderbolt placed above a lotus,surmounted by a jewel and framed by two dragons. The double diamond thunderbolt represents the harmony between secular and religious power; which results from the Bhuddist religion on its Vajrayana form. The lotus symbolizes purity; the jewel sovereign power; and the two dragons, male and female, stand for the name of the country-the thunder.”

all of the above information, map, flag and symbol can be found on the official Bhutanese website: