To the Light

Introduction: The images in the exhibition were taken over the last three years. They are from personal projects and explorations and as such cover a range of subjects and can be considered a bit eclectic. Yet they have a common thread which pulls them together: the theme and interplay of light and texture. This interplay between light and texture is everywhere we look, sometimes subtle, sometimes not. The images show this relationship and how light and texture can complement and enhance each other.



A Journey: The images also represent a personal journey following a serious health issue and a year-long period of recovery. Following this time my photographic vision and sensibility has been more attracted to the abstract and ethereal. We are all here as part of our own journey, and this journey can have what we may perceive at the time as obstacles and detours, but which in fact are opportunities for personal growth and for expanding our vision and understanding. The images represent this in my recent journey and hopefully project a positive and exultant sense of the journey that continues for all us.



light, texture, life, zen the light