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 Mark Wiedorn is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and  studied Photography and Fine Art at the University of New Mexico. Mark currently lives in Prague, Czech Republic.


 Of note at U.N.M was taking The History of Photography with Beaumont Newhall,  author of the seminal book on the history of photography and noted curator.  Mark also studied at Speos, Paris Photographic Institute, and received a Certificat Professionel.  Of note at Speos was the chance to work with and learn from Georges Fevre, one of the leading black and white printers who printed many of the iconic black and white images of Cartier-Bresson and Koudelka among others.


 The focus of Marks’ work is documentary and fine-art photography and the world between the two.  Topics include the Roma community, Khamoro music festival, Asia, and aspects of life in Prague.   His personal work is interpretive and creative. Mark has traveled extensively with a particular fondness for the Buddhist countries of Asia such as Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Bhutan.


 Currently Mark teaches Introduction To Digital Photography and Documentary Photography through the Journalism Department and Humanities Department of Anglo-American University in Prague (He also teaches Marketing and Management courses in the Business Department.)  Marks’ approach to teaching photography is founded in the fundamental creative basics of photography with an openness to new technology and platforms in creating, manipulating and presenting photography today.




for more please go to :  http://about.me/markwiedorn